After having been laid off from a job with a promising future, Eric Valdez suddenly had a lot of free time on his hands. With help and encouragement from his friend Neal Breton (a talented and accomplished artist in his own right), Eric turned to painting as a way to cope with his newfound free time. Soon what was intended to be a distraction and a way to fill up idle time became a new passion.

Using the few skills that he acquired from high school art classes, Eric began producing paintings that quickly found their way into various group art exhibitions. Though he had been able to effectively express himself with little formal training, Eric realized that he would soon feel limited by his own abilities and recently began to further his artistic education. He is presently studying art and graphic design at both Pasadena City College and Platt College.

Eric has produced works that have been directly influenced by all aspects of popular culture, but it is music that has had the greatest influence on the majority of his paintings.